Location of Chalet The chalet is in Ste Foy Station which is the location of the ski resort and lifts. From here you can descend the hill to the main village of Ste Foy which is on the main road between Val d'Isere and Bourg St Maurice.

By Air, then Bus The nearest airport is Chambery, which is served by Jet2 and Flybe amongst others. The driving time to Ste Foy is 1 hr 20 minutes. The next nearest airport is Grenoble (1 hr 45 minutes) - Easyjet, Ryanair). Alternatively you can fly to Lyon St Exupery Easyjet, Air France, British Airways, Thomson Fly) or Geneva (both 2 hrs 15 minutes) - Easyjet, British Airways, Swiss, BMI and Jet2). In summer (usually after mid July but please check before booking) when the mountain passes are open, Turin is an option (2 hrs - Ryanair).

An excellent coach service is available from Chambery to Ste Foy (Altibus 70 euros return, or Transdev Martin). You transfer to a minibus at Bourg St Maurice which drops you at the chalet door. An excellent service from Lyon airport (Altibus) runs to Ste Foy (90 euros return). Coaches also run regularly from Grenoble airport to Bourg St Maurice (www.grenoble-airport.com) from where you can catch the bus to Ste Foy. From Geneva Airport (Swiss or 'International' side) regular coaches are available from www.coach-station.com or from the French side from Alpski-bus, £60.
Local buses also run the 15km from Bourg St Maurice to Ste Foy Station - there are twelve services on a saturday. (Book the bus at Mobisavoie). A taxi to Ste Foy Station from Bourg St Maurice will cost approximately 40 euros (Gerard Arnaud +33 479 410573/ +33 607 382469 or for groups/minibuses contact Autocars Martin for information or +33 479 410573 -English spoken). A free ski bus runs between St Foy Station and Ste Foy main village. Alternatively trains run from Lyon, Chambery, Grenoble or Geneva airports to Bourg St Maurice, though there will be at least one change in Moutiers. Check SNCF for details.

By Train Eurostar has services from London or Ashford to Bourg St Maurice from where it is a 15 minute drive to Ste Foy. Alternatively take the daily Eurostar to Paris or Lille and then transfer to TGV for the sleeper or regular service to Bourg St Maurice. Contact Rail Europe for more information. Buses run from Bourg St Maurice to Ste Foy Station (see below).

By Coach There are several great value coach services which run from the UK to Ste Foy. These include Snow Expressand SkibusUK. Prices start at about £120 return. All services drop you in Ste Foy main village (Ste Foy Chef Lieu) so you will have to use the free ski bus for the final 3km up to the resort.

By Car Hiring a car at the airport can be cheaper per person than a coach transfer plus it leaves the freedom to visit other nearby resorts. Fly/drive is probably the most popular way to get to Ste Foy. Alternatively you can drive direct from the UK - taking around 10 hours from the channel ports. Motorway tolls are around £40 one way. The main motorway route is via Lyon, Chambery, Albertville and Bourg St Maurice. Sometimes coming via Annecy will be quicker. Ste Foy (main village) is 15km from Bourg St Maurice on the road to Val d'Isere.

Local Transport There is a bus service from Bourg St Maurice rail and coach station to Ste Foy Station and vice versa, with 12 departures every saturday. Local buses also run to Val d'Isere and Tignes from Ste Foy (main village).

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